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Utah Gun Collectors Association
October 2008 Gun Show
"The ORIGINAL Ogden Gun Show" Our 48th year of Quality Gun Shows in Utah
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Here are some samples of the educational displays presented by UGCA members.
We hope you enjoy them.  Part of the pleasure of gun collecting is learning about the historical, technical, and artistic features associated with firearms.  Gun shows provide members, and the general public, a chance to appreciate these aspects.

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Let's go to the UGCA gun show!

    Lots of people bring old guns or related items to our show for free appraisals or to sell.  Maybe you want to do this at the next show.
If you do not bring a gun, maybe you can leave with one.

We usually give away a great door prize.
The happy winner from this show received this high quality replica of the famous Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver.
[No photo available of the winner this time.]

Now- on to the Great Displays!
Click on the title to go directly to one of these displays or enjoy scrolling down the page to see them all.

"Thar She Blowes"- Whaling items

"Thar She Blowes!" ( People's Choice and Judges Choice Award Winner)
      Ray brought out the largest and best collection of whaling arms and related memorabilia outside of major maritime museums. Few people realize the importance of the whaling trade, but prior to the discovery of petroleum oil in Titusville, PA in 1859, whale oil was the primary lubricant, preservative and fuel for lanterns and lighting throughout the world. Vast schools of whales were hunted down all over the globe, and slaughtered and their fat rendered into whale oil aboard the whaling ships, before being sent to market.

To a lesser extent, whaling continued into the 20th century, mainly for the whale meat, considered a delicacy in some cultures. Later most whales were protected as threatened species due to the overhunting over the past centuries.


On the job!

Three great harpoon guns, along with the lance or "bomb" projectiles (not shown).

U.S. Krag Jorgensens and Accoutrements (Grand Prize Award Winner)
Brad's impressive collection of all things related to Krags was a winner again!

. .


Surviving Adversity (First Place Award Winner)
The incredibly rare native American relics from the collection of Gilmer & Loring are big favorites with the crowd, and the judges like them too.

Savage Lever Action Rifles- Models 1895, 1899 & 99 (Second Place Award Winner)
This is the ifrst time David has displayed with us, and he brought a great selectioin of these well made rifles.

This is just one of THREE racks of these neat old rifles!

Zimmerschuetzens- Rimfire Target Rifles (Third Place Award Winner)
Gary and Gaylord and the Utah Schuetzen Society brought out these beautiful guns and accessories.

The proud owners

Some U.S. 20th Century Armor-Defeating Munitions (Judges' Choice Award Winner)
Bruce supplied most of the goodies and John helpd a bit with labels to show a gun related collecting area which is often unavailable to most collectors. (Note all this ammo is INERT, no explosive components and no more dangerous that a large rock from your yard- so don't drop any of it on your foot. It is all legal to own in the state where it is located, but may not be in your state.)


WW2 Jeep and Gear (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Ben and his fellow troops around this nicely restored WW2 military Jeep. They may look young, but they are actually the same age, or older than most of the troops who fought in WW2.

The Lee-Enfield Number 4 Series Rifles (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Terry is an Anglophile
who has a deep understanding of the Lee Enfields (among other arms) and brought out some nice rifles for us to enjoy.

Some of the nice rifles in this informative display.

They don't get any newer than this!

Some bayonets to go with the rifles.


Not Just Whistling Dixie (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
These two muskets were not only used by the Confederate forces, but they also had pre-war service with the militia of South Carolina (in the case of the Whitney Contract musket) or Virginia, in the case of the VIrginia Manufactory musket.

WW2 & Korea Militaria (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Jim shared some of this collection with us.

Women & Children Accompanying the Mormon Battalion
Ed and Jonathan and their familes all participated in this presentation to remind us of the courage, sacrifice, and hardiness of the family members that accompanied the Mormon Batallion on their march from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego, California, during the Mexican War.

Military Flare Pistols
Wes is a serious flare gun collector and shared some of his collection with us.

M1 Carbines
THis was Allen's first display with us. A very nice grouping of M1 carbines with many related items.


Mr. C. with some of his "Chicago Typewriters" wiating to give lessons to "dose dirty rats!" Note that is is legal to own machine guns if the sale is approved by the BATF after the buyer passes a FBI background check.


   Bill and some really nice Winchesters.

Some very fine old Western arms and accessories!

Wacko Colts- Crazy! Cut-Offs & Cut-Ups
Jerry brought out a some amazing old Colts that had been "butchered" by their owners long ago. He also brought out some beautiful unaltered examples. Very informative.

Some nice "before" examples.

And "after" the alterations.

How about a nice Colt Dragoon, cut off?

Colt Model 1851 Navy .36 caliber revolver serial number 40931 made in 1855, hit by gunfire, bending the frame and putting a hole in the cylinder. Dug up near Odessa, Texas.

. .
Three percussion Colt revolvers turned into single shot pistols.

Daisy Cowboy Guns
Maybe none of us got all the Daisy BB guns we wanted when we were kids. However, Mac hasnearly all he wanst now!

So, how many different types of air gun ammunition are in this picture?

Colt .22 Single Action, Frontier Scout, New Frontier & Peacemaker.
   Jimmy & Jeff have a wonderful collection, and the cabinet work on this display is beautiful. Always a crowd pleaser.

Just one example from this great display.

Groups that support the shooting sports and gun collectors ...
We were glad to have reps from the National Rifle Association, the Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association. Also, a rep from Impact Arms, our friendly neighborhood machine gun dealer.



Costume Contest Winners:
Shane and friendsmade us all proud to be Americans

We apologize that photos were not available for all of the displayers. We will try to get everyone next time!


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