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Utah Gun Collectors Association
October 2007 Gun Show
"The ORIGINAL Ogden Gun Show" Our 47th year of Quality Gun Shows in Utah
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Here are some samples of the educational displays presented by UGCA members.
We hope you enjoy them.  Part of the pleasure of gun collecting is learning about the historical, technical, and artistic features associated with firearms.  Gun shows provide members, and the general public, a chance to appreciate these aspects.

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Let's go to the UGCA gun show!

    Lots of people bring old guns or related items to our show for free appraisals or to sell.  Maybe you want to do this at the next show.
If you do not bring a gun, maybe you can leave with one.

We usually give away a great door prize. The happy winner from this show received this high quality replica of the famous Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver.

Now- on to the Great Displays!
Click on the title to go directly to one of these displays or enjoy scrolling down the page to see them all.

Utah Schuetzens
Smith & Wesson 1883 Circular
Evolution of the Colt Dragoon
The Art of Gunmakers 1400s-1600's
Winchester Model 1873
Revolutionary Weapons
WW2 & Korea Militaria
Mauser 1891-1945
Guns of Crosman, Benjamin & Sheridan
Old Horse Shoes
Colt .22 Frontier Scout, New Frontier & Peacemaker


Smith & Wesson 1883 Circular- (and all the guns on it!) (Best of Show Award Winner)
      Bruce M. brought a rare original coy of the 1883 advertising circular issued by Smith & Wesson, showing their product line for that year. That was pretty impressive, but the "rest of the story" is that his display included an example of very item shown on the circular. These included some rather rare guns, such as the stocked pistol and the reloading tools. A really great exhibit built around a central theme!

Overall view of the display, and the 1883 advertising circular.

. .

Native Artifacts of the Great Basin & Southwest (First Place Award Winner)
Gilmer and Loring brought an always interesting and crowd pleasing exhibit of Indian artifacts.

WW1 Uniforms, Weapons & Equipment (Second Place Award Winner)
Gus and his troops, each outfitted with authentic uniforms and weapons of WW1 represent most of the major powers involved in the "Great War" . Gus also took Honorable Mention in our costume contest. .

That's Gus, the owner and leader of this crew, standing on the left.

Old German Style Single Shot Rifles, and Zimmerschuetzens (Indoor rimfire target rifles) (Third Place Award Winner)
Gaylord, Gary, and the Utah Schuetzen Society shared an impressive display of fine old target rifles. Besides being collectors,they are shooters and use these fine rifles in competition!

They snuck a couple of pistols in too!


Some of the related tools and ammunition.

Guns of Crosman, Benjamin & Sheridan (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Rusty D. collects air guns that many people used as kids. Here is part of his impressive display.


Three panels of air guns

Related items and pistols.

Revolutionary Weapons (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Terry J. shared a very interesting assortment of original longarms and edged weapons of the Revolutionary War era, and also an exact replica of the famous Ferguson breech-loading flintlock rifle. His stylish garb patterned after that of the late 1700s also won an Honorable Mention Award.


These are just a few of the fine items on display.!

U.S. Infantry Weapons of the Cold War (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Lance S. shared an assortment of the individual weapon, along with an example of John M. Browning's famous M2 .50 cal machine gun, used by U.S. forces during the Cold War era. People are just starting to focus in on this collecting niche, along with VIetnam era items.

. .

Mauser Arms 1891-1945 (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Ed D shared a variety of Mauser rifle designs.

WW2 and Korea Militaria (Judges' Choice Award Winner) 
Jim C. had some nice items from WW2 and the Korean War era.

. . .

Colt .22 caliber Single Action Frontier Scout, New Frontier and Peacemaker
Jimmy and son Dave are rightly proud of this great display which always interests the public. Nice guns, nice info, nice guys and extremely well displayed.

Just a sample of the great presentation and variety in this popular display

Old Horse Shoes !
   One of our lady members shared this sample of her many collecting interests.



Did you ever imagine that so many different horse shoes were made, for so many different purposes?

Carroll C. with a most impressive display of these small guns, most dating to 1860-1900 in many calibers and mechanical designs. A great collection!

Winchester Model 1873s
Bill shared some very nice examples, showing some of the many variations that exist in this model, the "gun that won the west".

The Art of Gunmakers 1400s-1600s!
   Jerry D. denies that he purchased these all when they were made, but these are truly artistic masterpieces, as well as mechanical marvels of their time.


These must be seen in person to fully appreciate the beautiful details!

Groups that support the shooting sports and gun collectors ...
We usually have representatives from the National Rifle Association, the Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association, and the Utah Shooting Sports Council. Thanks to the hard work from these groups, your right to keep and bear arms is being protected. Here are some other groups we welcomed at our last show:

The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

Our friends from the University of Utah Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The Wahsatch Shooters Association signing up members for their great shooting range.

We apologize that photos were not available for all of the displayers. We will try to get everyone next time!


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